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What is ICON

ICON is a flexible, scalable, high-performance modelling framework for weather, climate and environmental prediction that provides actionable information for society and advances our understanding of the Earth's climate system.

ICON is evolving into an internationally recognized and widely used modeling framework for weather, climate, and environmental prediction that allows the users to solve challenging problems of high societal relevance. It will push the boundaries of what is computationally feasible to advance knowledge and understanding and support innovation in weather, climate and environmental services.

ICON partnership

The ICON partnership represents a close and diverse collaboration between its members and development partners, bringing together research and operations in weather and climate and expertise in high performance computing and data in a synergistic way.

Open source release

ICON is available to the community under a permissive open source licence (BSD-3C). The ICON partners provide various tutorials, training courses and materials online. The framework is being tested on a range of supercomputer architectures, including CPU, vector machine and GPU-based systems.

The ICON partners are working towards a long-term goal of open development, where tools and communication structures are expected to evolve over time. This website provides an entry point, with basic links to download and use the model, and where further material is available.

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ICON Open Source Release

"A new chapter was opened when ICON was released as open source code in January 2024. We are happy to be able to celebrate this and are grateful for the enormous amount of work that many colleagues have put in." ...

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