The series 'Reports on ICON' has been initiated by DWD, MPI-M and DKRZ to allow fast and straightforward publication of technical and scientific contributions around ICON.

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All volumes are licensed under the Creative Commons License „BY-NC-ND“CC_BY-NC-ND.png

The individual reports are DOI referenced and the series is listed with ISSN 2628-4898.

Reports on ICON - 010

Subgrid scale Lightning Potential Index for ICON with parameterized convection | G. Schröder, T. Göcke, M. Köhler | 2022

Reports on ICON - 009

ICONIC – ICON in the Cloud | F. Prill, C. Eser | 2022

Reports on ICON - 008

Domain Nesting in ICON-A and its Application to AMIP Experiments with Regional Refinement | V. Maurer, B. Früh, M. A. Giorgetta, C. Steger, J. Brauch, R. Schnur, G. Zängl | 2022

Reports on ICON - 007

The Tracer Transport Module Part II: Description and Validation of the Vertical Transport Operator | D. Reinert & G. Zängl | 2021

Reports on ICON - 006

Verification of ICON in Limited Area Mode at COSMO National Meteorological Services | D. Rieger, M. Milelli, D. Boucouvala, F. Gofa, A. Iriza-Burca, P. Khain, A. Kirsanov, J. Linkowska, F. Marcucci and the C2I team | 2021

Reports on ICON - 005

The Tracer Transport Module Part I: A Mass Consistent Finite Volume Approach with Fractional Steps | D. Reinert | 2020

Reports on ICON - 004

ecRad in ICON Implementation Overview | D. Rieger | 2019

Reports on ICON - 003

New features with YAC 1.5.0 | M. Hanke & R. Redler | 2019

Reports on ICON - 002

Calculation of Potential Vorticity on the ICON Grid | T. Selz | 2019

Reports on ICON - 001

Special Configurations of the Atmosphere | S. Rast | 2019