COSMO: Consortium for Small-Scale Modeling

The Consortium for Small-Scale Modeling (COSMO) consists of the national weather services of Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Israel, Poland, Romania and Russia and a dozen further regional weather services and research institutions. The COSMO consortium uses and develops the ICON model as its main modeling framework, it is used by its members for operational weather forecasting and research applications. Furthermore, COSMO provides licensed user support to several national meteorological-hydrological services around the globe for operational weather forecasting with COSMO or ICON (currently ca. 20 support licenses plus 50-100 institutional research licenses). COSMO operates in close cooperation with the CLM and ICON-ART (and COSMO-ART previously) communities.

Climate Limited-area Modelling Community

The Climate Limited-area Modelling Community (CLM Community) is an open international network of scientists working in the area of regional climate modelling and climate change. The members of the CLM Community develop the regional climate models COSMO-CLM and ICON-CLM together, apply the models for a wide range of applications and collaborate in scientific projects. The CLM Community is the key development partner of DWD for the field of regional climate modelling


The national Earth System Modelling initiative (natESM) is dedicated to transforming Earth system modelling in Germany by fostering collaboration among research institutions, public authorities, and universities. It aims to establish a world-leading, ready-to-use Earth system modelling capability, enabling the German ESM community to leverage progress in high-performance computing. The ICON model is one of the key components in achieving these goals.