nextGEMS: Next Generation Earth Modelling Systems is a collaborative European project. Funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program, it will tap expertise from fourteen European Nations to develop two next-generation (storm-resolving) Earth-system Models. Through breakthroughs in simulation realism, these models will allow us to understand and reliably quantify how the climate will change on a global and regional scale.


WarmWorld will restructure the Earth-system modelling enterprise to best make use of advances in information technology to compute and evaluate kilometer-scale climate trajectories. By further developing an ICON based storm-and-eddy-resolving Earth-system (SR-ESM) model, WarmWorld will develop innovative workflows to make the information contained within the projected trajectories transparent to application communities.


The ETH Zurich project EXCLAIM aims at developing an extreme scale computing and data platform for cloud-resolving weather and climate modeling, an ICON-based model infrastructure. Part of the model will be refactored using a Python framework to improve performance and productivity and to enable kilometer-scale climate simulations at regional and global scales. This platform will become the foundation for weather and climate modeling for decades to come.